Our team of WordPress experts are available through 24/7 Live Chat or phone to assist you with your account and your WordPress installs hosted with us. To ensure we deliver an outstanding level of service, we are proud to provide assistance on a wide array of requests relating to our platform and the value added features we offer.

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All the Support You'll Ever Need

vTech Support

We provide support coverage to our customers through the channels listed below:

Live Chat – 24/7

Phones – 24/7

We work through queue-based support systems that enable us to handle requests in the order in which we receive them, however, if you need to escalate or prioritize a request due to its urgency, please reach out to us through our phone support line or live chat.


We provide support on requests about basic WordPress configuration and features. We also provide help setting up WordPress and its features to ensure they work correctly within our environment.


The forum is the proper channel to request support for free plugins and themes. You should address issues with paid plugins and themes with their respective developers. With that said we will still try to troubleshoot your issues.

Peace Of Mind

What is your definition of  “peace of mind”? To us, peace of mind embodies the essence that  so many of us unknowingly take for granted when trying to relax. We think that our bodies owe us a “rest”, not true, we owe our bodies a rest.

Most of our clients won't even use any of these services nor ever get to this section of our website. For the one that do get here and that do want run their own business through Pinon Press, give us a call.

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We Do It For You

Everything is handled by us and you get the complete treatment. Like a spa!


Once you pick a theme and a hosting plan, you will get a welcome letter from our support staff detailing your initial success plan which consists of the following essentials:

  • New User Login
  • Website Migration, or
  • New Website Creation 
  • Domain Pointing 
  • Adding An SSL


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